Have you got a subsidiary company in other state and you fancy speaking with it FREE OF CHARGE?

The service ''Medium PBX'' makes this feasible. The given service globally allows consolidation of all the subsidiary companies into a single private telephone network. You will be able to speak FREE OF CHARGE in your network.

Do you want to use short numbers for all the subsidiary companies and to take the advantages of a private call centre?

The service ''Medium PBX'' enables provision of short telephone numbers for the whole telephone network, from the largest to the smallest one, independent of the office location as per terrains or states.

Do you want to appropriately manage and utilize phone calls with clients?

The service ''Medium PBX'' provides the opportunity to manage phone calls by integrating them into Outlook Express as well as into the customer relationship management (CRM) systems. The given innovations will allow you to take off in customers’ terms as well as to intensify and optimize your activity.

Do you want to promote working efficiency?

With the service ''Medium PBX'', you will be able to increase the working efficiency of your enterprise. The overall possibilities provided by this service will give you an opportunity to put a new face on telecommunications and their potential benefit in the daily activities of your enterprise.

Are the managers eager to control total information?

With the service ''Medium PBX'', the managers can track the entire company’s real-time call flows on their computers. Phone calls can also be managed by directing them rightly or recording them for the purpose of prospectively using them as worksheets or other kinds of instructional material.

Is phone call management relevant?

Your manager finished the work and left home. However, after working hours an important client called your company with a matter of great urgency but the manager’s office was already empty… No object! The solution of ''Medium PBX'' is in place: the client can leave an answer phone message. The answer phone records the information, converts it into a relevant format and sends it directly into your manager’s mobile telephone in the form of an MMS message. Thus, all important information will reach your manager any time whereby the client will be pleased upon receipt of such urgent information.

700th and 800th line

With the service ''Medium PBX'', you can order and receive all the advantages offered by the 700th and 800th line at attractive conditions.

“Medium PBX” will enable you to have a private call centre.

"Medium PBX" – get all the telecommunications solutions required by enterprises without making any investments in expensive equipment of telephone stations!

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