• Do you call your business clients in foreign countries?
  • Have you got a subsidiary company in other country?
  • Are you looking for the cheapest alternative to installing a telephone station within the company and benefiting from it in every way possible?
  • Do you fancy communication with your relatives who are staying abroad?
  • Are you frequently on business trips making international phone calls?
  • Do you wish to make phone calls at low rates from whichever country of the world you are in?
  • Are you concerned with how much money you spend on your phone calls to a foreign country?
  • Would you like a better life?
If you have answered YES at least to a single question above – the following Information is just to your purpose
  • Minimum phone call rates
  • 1 second timed calls
  • 24-Hour Technical Service (call center support)
  • Same low rates irrespective of the country you are making a phone call from
  • A monthly free detailed phone call repor
  • The service is available with any kind of telephone
  • Redirecting incoming calls to any phone in any country
  • Communication decisions for home and business (speak up to 80% cheaper)
  • You can have your Lithuanian phone number while staying abroad
  • No connection charge
Have any questions?   We are always eager to kindly answer them.
Lithuania: +370 700 44595
Latvia: +371 29447765
Spain: +34 911829545

“Medium telephony” is the optimum decision for meeting the overall aims of tele-communications. Namely, this is the service enabling you to reduce financial costs of telephone conversations by 80%. You can afford making phone calls from any state at the same rate while in Lithuania or abroad, as it comes.

The service “Medium telephony” provides you with the opportunity of unrestricted intercourse.

“It’s not the hours you put in your work that counts, it’s the work you put in the hours.” Sam Ewing

Basic countries and rates, prices from:

Lithuania 0,09 EUR/min Spain 0,04 EUR/min
Latvia 0,11 EUR/min Italy 0,04 EUR/min
Poland 0,04 EUR/min Czech Republic 0,04 EUR/min
Germany 0,03 EUR/min Greece 0,05 EUR/min
France 0,04 EUR/min Turkey 0,04 EUR/min
Belgium 0,04 EUR/min Russia 0,04 EUR/min
Netherlands 0,04 EUR/min Kazakhstan 0,04 EUR/min
United Kingdom 0,04 EUR/min China 0,04 EUR/min
Ireland 0,04 EUR/min UAE 0,04 EUR/min
Norway 0,04 EUR/min USA 0,04 EUR/min
Denmark 0,04 EUR/min Canada 0,04 EUR/min
Sweden 0,04 EUR/min Other countries 0,04 - 0,11 EUR/min
Payments can be made in any currency whereupon it is automatically converted into dollars at the day’s exchange rate for EUR.